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Ahhhhhhhhhh....i haven't introduced myself yet! how rude of me...*acting*

My name is Nana and i'm turning 15 (1996)  this year, actually, Nana isn't my full name, it's just how my family usen to call me, so i tend to use this name, but my friends call me Edna...

i'm a huge fan of Nakayama Yuma and Okamoto Keito (they're basically my life) and of course the whole of HSJ

I'm Chinese, but i live in Australia...

i am a total asian, like i mean, i don't know anything about english tv shows or movies, or music...

My friends often say that if you find me with an englsh book, the sun's not gonna rise tomorrow morning...

i've been a Hey!Say!JUMP fan for about 2 years... i used to be in love with Fahrenheit (fei lun hai)

I do piano and use to do guitar and saxophone...but i quited halfway... i have tried doing the drums before...but i didn't really learn it, it's just my friend learns it, so she kinda taught me some random simple beats...

i don't really have any talents (only if you count spinning pens and sleeping in classes as talents...) but i try out a lot of stuff (only to find that i fail it in the end...)

I have struggled with myself whether or not to set a livejournal up (i have too much things that i constantly forget the passwords and usernames) But i thought that as a Keito fan, i should spread the love.

If any Hey!Say!JUMP  fan wants to add me, than i would love to become friends with you!

Just Comment here with some basic information and i'll add you back~ (but please, i don't really like to add people with empty journals, and so i check before i add you back~) and welcome to tell me your tumblr account name and i'll stalk you from then on!



No words can express my apology, as i have disappeared for the last 2 years, i'm not sure if any of my readers still remember me, but hey~ i'm back to finishing my fanfics :) i'm sorry it's late, but i've made a promise before, even if no one reads it, i wont leave a story unfinished (because i've done that before and i felt so bad)

So, after the HSC i come back to my land of fantasies~~ I've just been through writing essays after essays in the exam for the past 3 weeks, and loads of work~ but i'm FINISHED ~~~

So, people who remember me, I'm BACK~ For those who don't, HEY I'M HERE xP

But i have a question for everyone, because as i went back to write a new chapter of my fanfic, i read back over the previous chapters, and i found a lot of places where improvement is needed, so a choice for everyone the make:

Should I :

-->Keep the chapters i've already written and just contiune

-->Rewrite all the chapters.

Obviously, the second option will take up some time, and i'll ensure that major scenes wont change and the story line remains, but some details, descriptions and character settings may change.

I'll probably try to pump up some one shots for the time being if the second option is in place :)

Yabu Kota's Birthday finally^^

wow~ it's already his birthday already :) Well, congratz to him on entering University this year^^ i hope he gets good results and don't work himself off and get sick^^ 

For the new year, lets hope him to stay healthy, stay up for work and school^^ Happy Birthday Yabu^^

It's JUMP's 5th year 2012, although good things and bad things have happened throughout 2011, i'm sure a new year brings new luck^^ It's JUMP's first Asia tour~ too bad that i won't be in Hong Kong when they come T.T too sad, i have school :( But still...GOOD LUCK^^ 

As the oldest member of JUMP, i'm sure you've worked so hard since the start to keep those over-energetic kids to stay still xD i guess the name Yabumama can be given to you without any hesitation xD 

The Year of the Rat for me :)
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?
An Early Happy Birthday for Nakayama Yuma^^ And congratulations for him ( or rather NYC) having another disk :)) I really loved his solo song :) I liked the fasted and more up beat version of it in Playzone but i really like this calm and smoothing one included in the disk this time as well^^ I honestly think that his voice is just plain awesome and perfect <3 i fell completely inlove with his voice when i first heard him sing  Akuma no Koi with B.I. Shadow for Koishite Akuma~~

Oh oh...i'm off topic^^ Oh well~ Still I hope a really Happy Birthday for him^^ He's turning 18 finally :) I couldn't post pictures now, because i'm actually at the library xD ( supposingly doing my homework, but after 2 hours, i somehow decided that fangirling is much more important xD ( haha~ That is so me xD)

Oh well, I'm going to JAPAN^^ ( for 4 days...to Hokkaido ^^) so i'm not going be beable to go on the internet and write this on the 13th, because i can't be bothered to bring my laptop with me, it's too heavy xD and... SNOW~ I'm coming :) I absoultly love skiing so yayy~~ And i'm going to be looking out for anything with JUMP on it or disk shops that i can smash in and see what i can buy xD (but i'm so poor right now...T.T)

I'M OFF TOPIC AGAIN!! Oh well~ Happy Birthday to Nakayama Yuma^^ And i really look forward for another drama of his...if he happens to have one in 2012 :) Especially if it's about Vampires or some kind of supernatural slash fantasy slash super human, that'd be really good :)

Happy New Year :))

So sorry...I know i've been gone for so long!! I'm currently in Taiwan right now, and i'm borrowing someone elses' computer, so can't so too much...

But i've just gotten used to writting 2011 and now in a few more hours, it'll be 2012!! Time has gone so quickly :)) and i'm offically in yr 11 starting Feb ^^ pressure pressure xD

Anyways, for all those who have and haven't talked to me this year, Thanks for being here^^ It's glad to know that there's people all around the world with the same interests with you :) For all my friends that i've met ever since i've started using livejournal, thanks for being friends with me^^ It's great to be friends <3 Lets all be friends and fangirl together in 2012 :)) For all those that i haven't really talked to, Lets hope we talk more this coming year ne^^

Happy New Year <3

I wish that 2012 will be a great year for everyone ^^

Happy 21st Birthday to Hikaru :)

Happy Birthday to Hey!Say!JUMP's Prank master :) *clap clap* 

It's been 21 years since you're born now :) You're acting is constantly improving, your singing is flawless, your dancing is perfect, and most of all,your smile always brings us happiness^^ So please never stop smiling okkayys?~

Okay, off to the pic spam^^

Pic Spam^^Collapse )
Livejournal refuses to let me upload more...so i might have to do it later then...

Happy Birthday Chinen :))

Chinen yuri's turning 18^^ what should i say...

Chinen, in my eyes, you kind of never really grew up, i mean, no matter at what times, you still act spoilt, despite the fact that you want us to see your mature side. Please continue smiling as happily as you can, please continue your love for Ohno-kun, Please never stop fan-boying xD Please do always be happy^^ To me, although you can keep that mature image with you when you want to and you can pull it off, i still see hints of cuteness in you :) No matter what, you're perfect the way you are, so please stay this way :)) Today is the celebration of your 18th year of birth, so please be happy :))

As usual, PIC SPAM :))))

PIC SPAM :))Collapse )


I actually can't believe that i actually survived through the exams!! After two years of preparation, this exam is finally over:) The pressure over the two years are lifted off my shoulders and i feel so free!! I'm officially going to forget everything i learnt and bring an empty brain into year 11 xD

OMG. SHINee is coming to Australia and apparently they're arriving tomorrow (Friday) morning, but i can't go meet them at the airport because my principal decided that we can't take our exam week off. Usually, the week we have exams, if we don't have exams that time or that day, i can leave to go home or stay home to "study". Oh well, it's not good...

Oh! Oh! for those who are actually still following my fanfictions, i'll try my best to update as soon as possible, i've got one more english task to do, it's a story book we're meant to design and make on the computer...( i can't draw, i can't use edit, i don't have any visual senses.. GREAT. JUST GREAT.) it's a pain for me, but oh well, what needs to be done has to be done *sigh...*




This is still not confirmed, in other words, RUMOUR, but it’s a big topic on ameblo right now.

It says that in January 11th, Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a new single called [Re:START] with all the 10 members including Morimoto Ryutaro. The single contains the songs “Endless Dream” and “Taiyou ni LOVE MOTION”, et.


I'm not even sure if this is true or not, i haven't heard anything from the official website yet, so i don't know anything, but i think that rumours don't come from nothing, don't believe it 100%, but please have faith, because i deeply believe that Ryutaro will be coming back really soon^^ If anyone knows anything about this rumour, please leave a message~ i really want to hear about it more! 

i personally believe in this, because i heard from somewhere that Johnny has this 6 months suspension policy or something like that, and counting the dates, it's just about 6 months, and also i saw some photos from Japan with lots of Ryutaro fan-girls holding Uchiwas with Ryutaro on it on the streets, and i personally think that all Johnny is thinking of is money, and having a business means he wants money, so if he can see that letting Ryutaro leave isn't helping with his business and that letting Ryutaro back in the group won't ruin the group's image, he'll probably let Ryutaro back in. <-- That's only my opinion though

Source: http://now.ameba.jp/now/search/?query=1%E6%9C%8811%E6%97%A5+Hey%21Say%21JUMP%E3%80%8CRe%3ASTART%E3%80%8D%E7%99%BA%E5%A3%B2%E6%A3%AE%E6%9C%AC%E9%BE%8D%E5%A4%AA%E9%83%8E%E3%82%82%E5%8A%A0%E3%82%8F%E3%82%8A%EF%BC%91%EF%BC%90%E4%BA%BA%E3%81%A7%E6%96%B0%E6%9B%B2%E7%99%BA%E5%A3%B2%E3%80%82CD%E3%81%AB%E3%81%AFEndlessDream%E3%82%84%E5%A4%AA%E9%99%BD%E3%81%ABLOVEMOTION%E3%81%8C%E5%8F%8E%E9%8C%B2%E4%BA%88%E5%AE%9A%E3%80%82%E8%8B%B1%E8%AA%9E%E7%B6%B4%E3%82%8A%E9%96%93%E9%81%95%E3%81%84%E3%81%82%E3%82%8A%E3%80%82+


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